About me

Paper & creativity | handmade cards | personalized mini albums

On this website I want to offer inspiration for all those people, who, like I love to be creative with paper.

What do I do?

Besides handmade cards and personalized mini albums I actually do everything that, in one form or another, deals with paper. Origami, drawing, etc.

Why do I create handmade cards and personalized mini albums? Well, it is my hobby. But there are more reasons for me to do that.

1. Handmade cards and personalized mini albums are an alternative

In my opinion greeting cards that can be bought in shops all look the same. And the same goes for photo albums. That is why I create cards and photo albums myself. There is no limit to my creativity.

2. Personalised cards custom made

I create cards and mini albums for every occasion .They are custom made and tailored for the person receiving the card or mini album.

3. Handmade cards and personalized mini albums are unique and one of a kind

All cards and mini albums are handcrafted by me. They are absolutely unique and are one of a kind.

On request I create personalized cards for every occasion – just send me a mail!


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