I love autumn

Herbst 1

After spring autumn is my second favourite season!

And it was my favourite one when I was a child. I remember taking long walks through the forest collecting chestnuts and beautifully coloured leaves. I remember the fresh and clear air and jumping into huge piles of leaves. And at home we would drink hot tea and create little stick-figures with chestnuts and toothpicks. The air outside wasn’t too hot anymore but not cold either. It was perfect for taking walks and collecting mushrooms.

And I still love autumn! Now that I am all grown up I don’t get to play outside as much anymore and living in a city doesn’t help much either.  I usually hurry from my home to work and back again without much interaction with nature. But on my way in the tramway I always pass by beautiful parks and alleys full of trees. And there is nothing more beautiful than to watch the change of seasons; see the first fresh shoots in spring and watch the leaves turn yellow, orange and red in autumn.

Yes, I definitely love autumn! It is the time for retreating to our cosy homes with hot tea, candles, roasted chestnuts and a huge stack of materials for paper crafting!

Herbst 2

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i love fall

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passionate paper designer and crafter
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